R  Wilson

Hello, you can probably guess that I'm not the quarterback of the Broncos but my name is Russell Wilson.  That's one reason I decided to use 'R Wilson' as my digital artwork signature.  Along with '.art,' it creates a short, descriptive domain name like 'the experts' suggest.  It also takes up less space in the artwork.


I've lived in Alabama my whole life and been a BAMA fan for almost as long.  I started going to games in 1978 when there were no upper deck sections on Bryant-Denny Stadium and Bear Bryant was coaching, so I've been inside with the two best college football coaches of all time.

I've dabbled in art and graphics since I was a teenager.   I'm self-taught with no formal training.  I used to create computer games and the graphics for them.  In the late 90's one of my shareware games, "Mah Jongg Wall," was published as "Mah Jongg Magic" by COSMI Corp. in California and sold in stores on CD-ROM's.


When Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop went to a monthly subscription I decided to start using Affinity Designer and Photo, which are both available for a one time payment.

To learn Designer's 2D vector drawing tools I decided to challenge myself and create my favorite 70's band's classic, Wurlitzer jukebox inspired, logo.  I added 'ribs' to the 'tubes' like on the space station from the cover of my all-time favorite ( double ) album, "Out of the Blue."

When I decided to make prints available of "A Dynasty," I decided to start using the free 3D app called Blender to get higher resolution images for the printing process.  Although it's free, it is so good that it's being used to create CGI ( computer generated imagery ) for TV and movies.

I've created other versions of this artwork which had a 2D vector drawn image of Saban's hat composited with the helmets rendered in 3D.  This is the first fully 3D version and I added the newspapers, legends banner, footballs, and confetti  -  oh yea, helmet #18 had to be added also.  I hope you like it!

Roll  Tide  Roll,

Russell  Wilson
Fayette,  AL

Put your Tide Pride on display!